Welcome to the Apollo Beach Community Forest Garden! First steps

Dear Apollo Beach Community Forest Garden members, After our Open House event last week many new community members have rented plots and become part of the exciting endeavor of the AB Community Garden. Thank you!We have some general information for you.  Please visit the Community Garden Forum on the Club’s website for updates and volunteer tasks as well asContinue reading “Welcome to the Apollo Beach Community Forest Garden! First steps”

Support local nurseries and get your veggie garden going!

At the Apollo Beach Garden Club and Community Forest Garden we are all about Community. This means supporting local businesses which in time benefits the local community and you! Many businesses have been affected by the pandemic. We know many of you are getting ready to plant your fall gardens. Why not respond to thisContinue reading “Support local nurseries and get your veggie garden going!”

August-September volunteer tasks

The community garden currently needs work in the following areas. Keep adding mulch around the ADA Beds and entrance area, this is where we have the most foot traffic and where mulch gets compressed the most. In the small triangular space in front of the banana circle and next to the future meeting space weedsContinue reading “August-September volunteer tasks”

A few updates and reminders for August

Updates In the past week the Community Garden members together with volunteers finished covering the beds that have not yet been leased to avoid any grasses growing in them. The soil on the south side has been moved and the space where the cement slab for the meeting space will be installed by the CountyContinue reading “A few updates and reminders for August”

It’s Happening…

Something odd, something fun, something new. This is the Apollo Beach Garden Club. We recently just turned a year old. Our diverse plant group was created with good intentions aimed at educating, inspiring and teaching by example. We are based out of Apollo Beach, Florida, and focus on the three E’s. What are the threeContinue reading “It’s Happening…”