August-September volunteer tasks

The community garden currently needs work in the following areas.

  • Keep adding mulch around the ADA Beds and entrance area, this is where we have the most foot traffic and where mulch gets compressed the most.
  • In the small triangular space in front of the banana circle and next to the future meeting space weeds need to be pulled and cardboard laid. Then cover with mulch.
  • Plastic pieces and trash need to be picked up and put in the trash.
  • Unleased beds can be filled up with more soil.
  • Weeding around trees can be done. Be mindful of the tree’s roots, they are still young. These areas need to be weeded by hand and carefully. Another option is laying cardboard around the trees and covering with mulch without removing weeds. Trees can be surrounded with log rings.
  • If you find or have any oak logs please bring them to the garden.
  • Mowing and weed-whacking whenever grass gets too high. Grass is not our enemy, as we mow and leve the grass clippings on the ground the soil is being build. The more shade and foot traffic we have the less grass will grow. During the colder months the growth rate of the grass will slow down or almost come to a stop. That may give us a head start. Don’t tire yourselves out by engaging in a battle against grass the fact that it crept in is a normal process. We have to work with it and not against it.

Thank you!

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