It’s Happening…

Something odd, something fun, something new. This is the Apollo Beach Garden Club. We recently just turned a year old. Our diverse plant group was created with good intentions aimed at educating, inspiring and teaching by example. We are based out of Apollo Beach, Florida, and focus on the three E’s. What are the three E’s, you ask? Endemic Florida species, epiphytes, and edibles. Our broad focus is derived from a loving passion for plants. In particular, the “wow,” the “yes,” and the “tasty” kinds!

The club meets from 11am to 1pm on the third Tuesday of each month at the Apollo Beach Recreation Center, 664 Golf and Sea Blvd., Apollo Beach. The first hour usually consists of a speaker, program, garden project or other activity. The second hour consists of a pot-luck lunch provided by members. We also encourage all members to bring a plant to talk about or to exchange with others. Although, I don’t see an immediate need to charge a membership fee, we will most likely start implementing a membership fee starting 2018 to help fund planting projects.

Please look forward to more involvement from the Garden Club and feel free to bring a friend. Remember, Just keep planting!

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