Support local nurseries and get your veggie garden going!

At the Apollo Beach Garden Club and Community Forest Garden we are all about Community. This means supporting local businesses which in time benefits the local community and you!

Many businesses have been affected by the pandemic. We know many of you are getting ready to plant your fall gardens. Why not respond to this need exercising conscious support for your community? We encourage you to visit the following nurseries to purchase vegetable starts and plants for your plot and homegarden.

Remember to make sure your starts are Non-GMO as this is part of the deal you committed to when sining the lease agreement for your plot. Also pay attention to the fertilizer used by nurseries, most of the time it will not be organic. If you purchase a plant that has slow release granules in the pot you can discard the soil and re-pot this plant in an organic substrate to ween it off.

Below you will also find a list of seed companies where you can purchase organic, heirloom and non-gmo seeds. Organic always means Non-GMO. However, we recommend asking fellow gardeners, garden clubs and community gardens for seeds as every gardener will help in any way they can. This is the way of the gardener! (The underlined seed companies are the most recommended) Another tip is looking on social media platforms for local seed libraries and exchanges.

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