A few updates and reminders for August


In the past week the Community Garden members together with volunteers finished covering the beds that have not yet been leased to avoid any grasses growing in them.

The soil on the south side has been moved and the space where the cement slab for the meeting space will be installed by the County has been marked out with pink string.

The grass has been mowed and this will continue to be the strategy we use to keep it at bay until we slowly but surely lay cardboard section by section and mulch over it. Most importantly and as you can see by the newly planted bananas we have placed cardboard underneath the fence and will work the whole perimeter this way to avoid the grass from crawling in. Once we have more foot traffic and shade in the Community Garden the grass growth will decrease.


Please keep any tools or gardening equipment off the isles in between beds. We would like to avoid any accidents. A green metal bin has been placed in between the beds to keep any stakes, hose heads or tools in an organized matter until we install a shed.

If you bring your compost or food scraps to one of our compost stations please place it inside the compost bin and cover with shredded newspaper, paper, cardboard or mulch from the mulch pile. If you don’t cover the food scraps the compost process will not happen in the desired manner.

Let’s be an example and avoid single use plastics inside the community garden. This means for example bringing a refillable bottle instead of plastic bottles, avoid bringing compost in plastic bags and instead bring it in a bucket or Tupperware container that you can take back with you. As an organic community garden we want to be an example to our community of how we can do more for our environment and especially for the ocean that is so close by our space.

Remember to close the hose spigot when you leave!! We have found it to be open a couple of times. Water is precious!

AUGUST 28TH AND 29TH FROM 9AM-12PM THERE WILL BE AN OPEN HOUSE AT THE COMMUNITY FOREST GARDEN. Anyone that is interested in learning more and renting a raised bed is welcome!

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