Member & Volunteer Information

Contents of this Section:

  1. Apollo Beach Garden Club Membership Form
  2. Overall Garden Plan
  3. Table and Garden Beds Rented by Members
  4. By-Laws
  5. Raised Bed Lease Agreement
  6. Garden Tasks for Volunteers and Members

Apollo Beach Garden Club Membership Form

(As of 23 May 2023)

Overall Garden Plan

(As of 23 May 2023)

Just Keep Planting

Table and Garden Beds Rented by Members

(As of 19 September 2023)

A1-Emily L.A2-Chris W.A3-Chris D.A4-Mark D.
B1-Sang L.B2-Raleigh B. & Annie J.B3-Janelle A,B4-Paula O.
C1-AvailableC2-Cindy H.C3-Raleigh B. & Annie J.C4-Paula O.
D1-Monarch-Girl Scout ProjectD2-Jill C.D3-E. V./Janie B.D4-Available
E1-Community CenterE2-Tammy K.E3-Holly M.E4-Available
F1-Sam G.F2-AvailableF3-Lara C.F4-Linda A./ Dorothy L.
G1-AvailableG2-Nan M.G3-WalterN/A
G4-Mark H.G5-Sam G.G6-AvailableN/A


(As of 10 November 2022)

Raised Bed Lease Agreement

(As of 10 November 2022)

Garden Task for Volunteers and Members

(As of 5 July 2023)

Garden Club Tasks

  • Weeding gardens and between bed’s
  • Clean and organize shed
  • Organize pot’s behind shed
  • Mulching between beds and throughout garden
  • Weed eating/whacking perimeter of garden and forest
  • Water all plants along fence and forest

Please Get with an experienced member before pruning or planting.

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