Leasing a raised bed

On this page you will find all the necessary information to lease a raised bed in the Apollo Beach Community Forest Garden 664 Golf & Sea Blvd, Apollo Beach, FL 33572.

Before you start filling out the Lease Contract, read the following instructions carefully!!

You have 2 options to input in the “Plot number” space:

  1. You leave it blank and allow the Apollo Beach Garden Club, Inc. to allot a space for you according to availability.
  2. You write 2 potential plot numbers in the space. (The Apollo Beach Garden Club cannot guarantee the plot number you selected is available, you will be contacted if none of the 2 plot numbers you provide are available. Please note that this option will require confirmation from the Garden Club and will take longer to be processed).

Once you fill out the last page of the Lease contract, you have two options to submit it:

  1. You email the signed Lease Contract to apollobeachgardenclub@gmail.com the filename should include your full name (example: Karen Thomas_AB_Lease_contract.pdf). In addition send a check for the amount of your desired lease period to P.O. Box 3294, Apollo Beach, FL 33572.
  2. You mail the printed and signed Lease Contract together with a check for the amount of your desired lease period to P.O. Box 3294, Apollo Beach, FL 33572.

Upon receipt of the signed Lease Contract and the correct payment the Apollo Beach Garden Club will contact you in order for you to start using your raised bed. In regards to this, please review the Schedule tab under the Community Forest Garden tab on this website. You are required to use this Schedule to make use of the Garden premises until Hillsborough County’s further notice.

Please make sure to fill out the Lease Contract correctly.

Use the button below to download and read the Lease Contract. Once you have read and understood all the information it provides, fill out the last page, if handwritten please use clear letters.

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