Volunteer log

Each member of the Community Forest Garden is asked to not only work on their rented plot but also dedicate some time of community service to the garden as requested on the Plot Lease Contract. This entails but is not limited to: pulling weeds within the fenced area, watering trees planted in the forest-garden area, picking up trash around and inside the community garden, laying cardboard and mulch, checking on compost. Please use the form below to log your volunteer hours.

Other volunteer events are organized throughout the year were people foreign to the Community Garden come and lend us a hand building, mulching, weeding, planting and so on. Whenever such an event is organized potential volunteers will be directed to this form to create a log for the amount of hours of work they will dedicate on the day of the event. When you are asked which tasks you will be performing please write “Volunteer work day and the date XX/XX/XXXX”.

As a non-profit organization the Apollo Beach Garden Club is committed to transparently show the amount of volunteer hours that have been served to build and maintain the Apollo Beach Community Forest Garden.

We kindly ask that you respect other member’s space and uphold the social distancing measures recommended by authorities. Please be punctual and adhere to the rules reflected on the Plot Lease Contract as well as other guidelines provided by the Apollo Beach Garden Club. This is an honesty based system and we all have to collaborate.

Remember, the Community Garden space is open 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset.

Please answer carefully and consciously, as changes involve a lot of work for those behind the scenes. DOUBLE CHECK YOUR ANSWERS BEFORE CLICKING THE “SUBMIT” BUTTON, THEN REFRESH THE PAGE. Now you can review your log on the spread sheet. It can take a few minutes to appear. Deleting your cookies might be necessary or refresh your page.