November Garden Club meeting ABCFG summary

Recently planted: papayas, Strawberry tree, pineapple patch, Sri Lankan gooseberry, passionfruit, chocolate sapote

Where Joanne and Jill have been feeding cardboard under the fence to stop the grass from creeping in, mulch should be used to cover the cardboard as the soil is full of weed seeds and it would defeat the purpose to spread it around the edges.

Increase the amount of medicinal, herbal, edible or multi-purpose plants to be sold at the Tuesday/Saturday plant sales. Let’s try to avoid ornamentals as the purpose of the community garden is to be an example for food/health and medicine systems. Please locate all plants in one location along the south perimeter between the shed and the sidewalk. Jill made a good suggestion, those plants that are not sold can be taken back home by those members who have brought them, they can also be donated and planted at the park but not left unatended inside the community garden. These plant sales should not become a way for people to get rid of plants they no longer want, we need some intention behind them.

Raleigh and Annie are planning for irrigation for the food forest.

The leftover soil has been moved by county workers right outside the back gate. It can be laid along the north perimeter (by the parking lot) between the berm and the fence, the swale/ditch is to be filled up later on with crushed concrete, gravel or rock. In this area more flowers, beneficial insect attractants and self caring trees can be planted, for this and up until now Raleigh has gathered the following donations: 1 yellow native star anise (Andy Firk), 3 cypresses (Everard Barnes), 2 caleandras (Everard Barnes), 1 Hong Kong orchid tree (Everard Barnes). The soil left over on the tarps inside the community garden will be used for the children’s garden.

The corner by the shed were the rain barrels are currently standing should remain unplanted and used for additional storage of materials and equipment like wheelbarrows.

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