Please Go Home



Being able to immerse yourself in nature is more powerful than we actually realize. It’s the calm to our storm and the mental clarity which keeps us coming back for more. Vast open spaces seem to be diminishing faster and faster in Florida and it’s no surprise to see centennial oaks and a green space being slaughtered and turned into Wawa’s and housing developments. But why? Why are so many people moving here? The jobs don’t pay well and the climate is abhorrent for many. Yet on average a thousand people move to FL each week.

I often find myself stuck between a rock and hard place because there doesn’t seem to be a viable solution to tell people to leave. I wish, I could just tell the damn Yankees to leave or to at least take the time to acclimate yourself with Florida geography, culture, and most importantly the environmental systems. Generally speaking the vast interconnected waterways of Florida appear to be in trouble. Big trouble. But we continue to develop and pose imminent threats to our natives. Our flora and fauna seem to be competing for resources at alarming rates and yet we do nothing about it. Me writing this blog isn’t getting anything done but at least some of you reading this acknowledge the fact that we need to make a difference.

I know my time and involvement in Governmental Recreation is limited, so I try and share as much knowledge and passion with those whom I impact. I am not sure what is to come of my future great travel experience, but I am sure I’ll be writing about the trials and tribulations as I search for serenity.

As you travel to Florida or decide to move here please make sure you do yourself a favor and take the time to learn about this majestic place. If you don’t prefer our subtropical climate, monsoon rains and low paying jobs you can always leave. It’s not like anyone is forcing you stay in Florida. Do yourself and others a favor and leave if it doesn’t suit your needs! We won’t miss you.


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